9DMMG –Founded by a group of experienced AV audio and video engineering experts since 2009, it is dedicated to provide the best solutions for international brands by multimedia technology , video and music production services.

The professional team includes: information technology, AV video engineering, multimedia production, multi-channel music production, composition lyrics, artists and KOL contact, multimedia advertising, public relations, large-scale event planning, international brand planning, etc.


9DTV video platform to provide online and offline massive video conversion service including big data cloud storage and high performance video conversion cloud service for business.

9D Music – Software technology to collage 600 audio track effect for all 5.1 or above media transmition, such as smart TV, home theater, computer and mobile, Dolby Atmos only transmits 128 audio track effect. (Patented)


9D LIVE –a live streaming engine, can help you launch your own Live streaming in no time. Without any Mobile Apps you can turn on Peer-to-peer live video streaming functionality from within your admin panel and let your users stream live content directly from their for iOS and Android, phones and share their live streaming channels with friends, family and rest of the world.